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Technical work

Dear users.
To 05.05.2017 will disable some currencies to carry out technical work.
The shutdown will happen tonight will only
Bitcoin,Dogecoin,Litecoin and USD
Please be patient.All currency will be included and You will be able to receive payment or exchange if you do not have time.
Regards team PulsCoin

The Commission miners

Dear users,due to the fact that some of the currencies that You can mine on our service have been increased, the Commission for miners(Commission per transaction).
A temporary solution was adopted to raise the minimum payments on our service not yet resolved the issue with the commissions.
Regards team PulsCoin

Recovery automatic payments

Dear users.Automatic payments restored,everything works normally.
Users who were taken DASHcoin You returned the funds to the internal balance that can output in automatic mode


Dear users.In connection with the creation of multiple accounts by users,payments shall be transferred to manual mode to 06.04.2017
We apologize for the inconvenience
Regards team PulsCoin

Technical work

Dear users was produced unexpected technical work to change DNS servers.
At the moment everything is operating normally
We apologize for the inconvenience
Sincerely PulsCoin.

Restrictions? Not for Us

Minimum payments are flying down,don't miss the chance to take advantage of this minimum.


Dear users.Our service was added.
If You find any mistake in the translation or service,please contact us in the ticket or email.

Recovery of payments

Replenishment and withdrawal in the direction of the USD is restored.
Regards team PulsCoin.

Technical work

Good afternoon Dear users.
At the moment deposits and withdrawals in USD is temporarily suspended due to technical problems on the part of the payment system.
We apologize for technical inconvenience.
Regards team PulsCoin.


Today is the opening of our service cloud of mining.
After the registration You will find a nice bonus. Nice earnings.
With Respect PulsCoin.